Out of Thin Air

StucoJust like that, she was gone.

“I don’t know anything about why she left,” Nikki Solfermoser said.  “It was really sudden.”

On a Friday in the middle of January, Olathe Northwest Student Council President Nghia Jones announced in an executive board meeting that she was leaving the school and stepping down from her position.  To this day, nobody knows why.

“I guess that she said that she was going to California, but she cleared that up and said she never did move there,” Solfermoser said.  “So nobody knows why she left or where she is.  We’ve tried contacting her, but she hasn’t told us anything.”

This left a vacancy at the student government’s highest position.  Vice President Nikki Solfermoser, a junior, was put in a tough place following her departure.

“She announced it the day she left,” Solfermoser said.  “During second hour, I was called in to see Ms. Ingles, Ms. Toburen, and Mrs. Hilliard.  Basically they told me that Nghia had to leave suddenly and they offered me the position to take her place.  They told me if I decided that I was the first person they were going to offer it to if I found the time for it.”

The Student Council sponsors gave her three days to decide if she wanted to take on the heavy burden.  She was excited, but also overwhelmed.

“I spent the whole weekend rearranging my priorities seeing how much time I would have to spend on other things,” she said.  “Then I decided that I would have the time for it.  We don’t have as many projects second semester, so I was able to have time for it and make it my primary commitment.”

For two months, Nikki has assumed her presidential role to this best of her ability.  But when she began, it was a daunting task.

“It was a rough beginning,” she said.  “The first meeting was nerve wracking, because I didn’t know how it was going to go.  I didn’t know if the rest of the council would be okay with it or not.”

But the council welcomed her in, realizing that it was a tough situation for her to be in.

“Everyone just kind of welcomed me openly,” she said.  “I’ve definitely gotten more comfortable.  Now I’ve really taken on the position and I’m doing everything I can for it.”

As vice president, she was in charge of overseeing certain tasks, mostly last minute.  But now, she has increasing responsibilities.  This requires a much larger time commitment.

“It’s requires a lot more time than vice president,” she said.  “I am in charge of the agendas.  I have to organize what we do at each meeting.  I’m also in charge of the emails that help people know what they are in charge of doing.  In all, I would say I spend at least three to five hours a week on student council.”

As a junior, she will have the opportunity to run for President again next year.  But she has yet to decided what the future beholds.  She plans on running for an executive board position, but she thinks it might be Secretary rather than President.

“I feel like I should give someone else an opportunity,” she said.  “I know some people that deserve that.  If someone wants it, I should give them that.”

So far, she has overseen the first annual “Raven Week” and the Spring Blood Drive.  With both events seeing remarkable success, she has enjoyed the time commitment thus far.  Her favorite part about her role is the people that she is in charge of and what they are able to accomplish collectively.

“I like how we all work together as a student council,” she said.  “It’s amazing how they’ve accepted me.  They made it a smooth transition.  I feel like when we put our minds to things, we get them accomplished.”


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