ONW goes green

One week ago, Olathe Northwest had no recycling system in the lunchroom.

Today, we have an effective new way to reduce waste.

“We have a lot of waste at lunch that goes straight to dumpsters when it could be going to recycling bins and reducing our schools ecological footprint.” STUCO┬ámember Allie Carroll said.

ONW is taking steps towards a healthier environment by implementing a new recycling system. The new system will provide different categories consisting of paper, glass, plastics, foil, cans, and cardboard.

Many schools around the country are going green. The past few years there has been an increase in schools becoming environmentally aware of their waste. On average schools throw away 38 tons of paper, when it could be recycled.

The waste that now goes to recycling will reduce pollution to overall improve the air we breathe. Another benefit of going green is the amount of energy and money saved by not relying on new goods.

Schools that are reducing harm on the environment are teaching students the importance of recycling and leaving a lasting impact on the way students contribute to reducing waste.



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