Q&A with Hadley Oehlart

Q & A with Hadley Oehlart

HadleyQ: When did you start singing?

A: “I started singing when I was in 5th grade and I’ve been singing ever since.”


Q :How did you start singing?

A: “We had a musical at my school and I decided I would tryout even though I had never did anything like that before, and I actually landed the lead.”


Q: When did you start choir?

A: “I actually started choir Sophomore year and I was in the Sophomore Women’s Choir.”


Q: What Choir are you in now?

A: “I’m in the Da Capo choir.”


Q: What would you say your style of singing is?

A: “Right now I’m mostly focusing on classically trained singing so you know Italian, Aria and just American classics. I like singing alternative in my free time.”


Q: What has helped you the most in singing?

A: “Definitely being in a choir more vigorous but I also take vocal lessons.”


Q: What has benefit you the most from singing?

A: “I feel like I’m much more musically inclined because I’m in choir and I know how to work as a team and I have really good memory so I‘m used to learning things quickly.”


Q: When did you decided you wanted to be in musicals?

A:”Definitely 5th grade. I have always loved musicals, but it was really Sophomore year that I really stepped up my game and started to take classes and lessons and really dedicate myself to performing.”


Q: What musical is your favorite and why?

A: “ I would have to say my favorite musical is once and its this adorable musical , but my favorite part about it is that all the actors have musical instruments so while they’re singing and dancing they’re also playing guitar and piano and its just so incredible to watch.”


Q: What Musicals have you been in?

A: West Side Story. I was a Jet girl. I was in Grease and a was ensemble and I was in the Wizard of Oz as tree number 3.”


Q: Why do you suggest students should be in musicals and choir?

A: “Its a really good environment to to just push yourself to work as a team and its just overall just a fun experience and I know I will cherish those memories forever.”


Q:  Besides musicals, what else do you with your singing outside of school?

A: “I do competitions. There are solo and ensemble festival coming up I’m training for that, and I do a lot of just charity work and I also sing at weddings.”


Q: How have your friends and family influenced your singing career?

A: My family is very supportive and so are my friends and it’s really great because most of my friends are singers too and sometimes they like to publicly shame me and post me singing.”


Q: What are your plans for your senior year?

A: “I plan on auditioning for the musical and the play and continue with college auditions.”


Q: Are you planning on continuing singing after high school?

A: “I could definitely see a future in singing, mainly operatic. It’s challenging and I love the challenge.”


Q: What are your fears for the future?

A: “Well there’s always an element of fear when performing because its not a sure job to pursue and maybe I’m not good enough.”


Q: What are your hopes for the future?

A: “In an ideal world I would love to perform in New York full time.”


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