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  • Celebration of Me

    “I think it’s just great that we are all here in one place,” Jack Weafer said. The Celebration of Me, in its first year of existence, took the spotlight on […]

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  • Richardson twins

    Richardson twins

    Olathe Northwest bands put in more work than meets the eye. Morning rehearsals during the fall, parades and competitions are busy enough on top of performing at games. Jordan and […]

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  • Plungin’ into sub-zero temperatures

    Plungin’ into sub-zero temperatures

    The annual Polar Plunge and Strut event in the Kansas City area is coming up this Saturday, February 7th, 2015. The event is a plunge into Shawnee Mission Lake, followed […]

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  • TSA team competes at regionals

    TSA team competes at regionals

    For more information regarding Technology Student Association and the Aerospace & Engineering Program, click below: The Olathe Northwest TSA squad recently traveled to Johnson Country Community College in Overland […]

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  • ONW goes green

    One week ago, Olathe Northwest had no recycling system in the lunchroom. Today, we have an effective new way to reduce waste. “We have a lot of waste at lunch […]

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  • ONW Band travels to NYC

    The Olathe Northwest band is traveling to NYC to participate in the Veteran’s Day Parade.

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  • Weafer Crowned King

    Weafer Crowned King

    In case you are unaware of whom he is, Jack Weafer is ONW’s biggest fan. Some see him as a statistical genius while others see him as homecoming king. All […]

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  • Wyatt McCall pursues passion in theatre

    Wyatt McCall pursues passion in theatre

    There are many words that can be used to describe senior thespian Wyatt McCall.  The word he uses for himself, however, is one that nobody else would. “I’m stupid,” he […]

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  • Job Olympics

    A special needs group here at Olathe Northwest overcame adversity even with their flawed capabilities. These young competitors contended in situations to benefit them later in life, and to aid […]

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  • Out of Thin Air

    Out of Thin Air

    Just like that, she was gone. “I don’t know anything about why she left,” Nikki Solfermoser said.  “It was really sudden.” On a Friday in the middle of January, Olathe […]

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