Charlie’s Comeback

Charlie Holmgren is a Junior at Olathe Northwest who has played Varsity soccer since his Freshman year and Varsity basketball since Sophomore year. On Tuesday, October 13th, during the varsity soccer match vs. SM West, Charlie jumped up and punched out the soccer ball in an attempt to save a goal and landed on his knee fracturing his Tibia Plateau. According to the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons the Tibia Plateau injury is when the shin bone under the knee and the knee both crack and some injury to the soft tissue that surrounds the knee. The injuries must be treated together and in many cases surgery is necessary to restore strength, motion, and stability in the leg, and help reduce risk of arthritis. Since the crack didn’t require surgery, Charlie was fortunate and only had to be on crutches for a month.  Charlie then started going to physical therapy. Between the time with his doctor, his physical therapist, and Mr. Hawkins, the athletic trainer here at ONW, Charlie had worked hard to heal his knee and to get back on the court as quick as he did and help out the team. Good Luck to Charlie and the team.


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