Camp Kesem at KU

Summer 2017 application for Camp Kesem at KU opened to the public today! We are super excited for camp this year and we appreciate all of your help with spreading the word about Kesem. We only have a limited amount of spots before we have to start our wait list, so please urge families to apply early. We have already filled up quite a few spots.

Please follow the link to access the Camper Application (6-16) and the CIT Application (17-18). The form takes about 20 minutes to complete, and much be finished in one sitting. Attached are more instructions on applying and also a hard copy of the application. 2017 Application InstructionsCamp Kesem 2017 Hard Copy Application


Shane “Flash” Smith & Will “Butch” Cassidy, Camp Kesem Outreach Coordinators at the University of Kansas, p: (785) 422-7401, PO BOX 4664 Lawrence, KS 66046,,




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