April Props

Dr. Poss and the FOR Club are excited to recognize this month’s Raven’s Prop Box nominees:

  • Alejandra Hernandez:   Held the door open for a fellow Raven when they didn’t have any free hands.
  • Aubrey Schubert:   Stopped in the hallway to help a fellow Raven pick up the books/materials they dropped.
  • Gabbie Baiza:   Always has a smile for everyone and willing to help anyone in need.
  • Grace Horvat:   Always willing to help a fellow Raven and has a kind word for everyone.
  • Hannah Burdick:   Stopping to help a fellow Raven pick up their books.
  • Jewell Dehon:   Stopped to help a fellow Raven pick up the items that dropped from their backpack.
  • Kaitlin Polasik:   Helped plan and organize a surprise act of kindness for a Raven staff member.
  • Kate Gardner:   Always has a smile and kind word for everyone she sees.
  • Keith Shields:   Took time to help a student with unique needs walk up and down the steps. This was a huge help to the teacher.
  • Merlwyn Walls:  Helped take a fellow Raven’s walker to the bus after school.
  • Michael Tamer:   Always has a compliment and a kind word for his classmates.
  • Paige Nelson:   Always has a smile and a kind word for everyone she sees.
  • Salomon Flores-Artigas:   Took the initiative to plan and coordinate his fellow Raven’s to surprise a Raven staff with an act of kindness.
  • Shelby Clark:   Helped out one of her classmates in planning a surprise act of kindness for a Raven staff.
  • Tiara Solomon:   Helped a fellow Raven finish a project that was due and helped a Raven pick up items that fell out of their locker.
  • Yabets Tibebu:   Buying a fellow Raven some food when their lunch account ran out AND for helping another Raven when they dropped their pencil.


And Top Props Goes To……

  • Cole Dahlquist:   Walking through student services Cole overheard someone talking to a new student. He stopped to introduce himself and welcome this newest Raven to ONW. It was obvious how much this meant to the student!
  • Gage Calvin:  As a new Raven himself, Gage offered to help a new Raven get adjusted to ONW and life in Olathe, KS!
  • Jaziel Andazola:   Jaziel stopped to introduce himself to a new Raven and offered to eat lunch with this student.
  • Mady Schraad:  Maddy noticed a fellow Raven in class was having a bad couple of days. The next day she enlisted the help of others to pull off an anonymous act of kindness!
  • William Espy:   Went above and beyond to help a fellow Raven with a math assignment before the weekend. William then followed up on Monday to make sure the homework was done and if there were any additional questions or help needed.






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