ATS HeartCheck Available for Students

Dear Parents,

Our district is always looking for ways to ensure the health and wellness of our students. Providing the opportunity for health services that parents may otherwise not know exist is one more we can help. We are pleased to have made arrangements for ATS HeartCheck to offer their comprehensive heart screening available for your child. The screening includes an EKG and echocardiogram (heart ultrasound) to help diagnose hidden conditions. According to the American Heart Association at least one-half million children in the US have some form of cardiac problem or 1 in 100 kids. ATS HeartCheck is has a limited number of appointments available for the discounted rate of $99 for students ages 8 and older, and pre-registration is required. The normal cost for these tests would exceed $1,500, if done in the hospital or doctor’s office.



All of us involved feel strongly that we don’t want any family missing out on this opportunity due to financial issues. Therefore, you can request a discount as well as schedule your child’s appointment by visiting and click “Make an Appointment” to access both the scheduling and the discount form. All discounts are determined by, and made possible by grants provided by the Strive for Life Foundation and the Jordan Robert Mann Foundation. Questions or assistance should be directed to ATS by calling their office at (913) 735-5760.


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