• NCAA Eligibility Presentation

    NCAA Eligibility Presentation

    Thanks to all those who attended the NCAA presentation at Olathe North by Josh Price and Alicia Jackson The power point used during the presentation is here: ncaa-how-to-navigate-the-ncaa-process Resources: ncaa-recruiting-fact-sheet 2016_di_academic_requirements

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  • New NCAA recruiting regulations

    Note the following changes for student-athletes enrolling on or after August 1st, 2016 for Div. I: (1) updated sliding scale with the new GPA requirement of 2.3 to be competition eligible: […]

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  • NCAA Class of 2016 Standards

    NCAA Class of 2016 Standards

    The NCAA’s dramatic changes to DI initial-eligibility academic standards are in effect for high school athletes in the class of 2016 and beyond. The changes include a higher minimum core course GPA, […]

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  • NCAA Calculator

    NCAA Calculator

    In an effort to track the academic progress of our prospective college-bound athletes, and ensure they will be eligible to play in college as freshmen, our school is using an “NCAA Eligibility […]

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  • Divisions I and II Initial-Eligibility Requirements pre and post-2015

    Divisions I and II Initial-Eligibility Requirements pre and post-2015

    To get your own pdf copy of this, please see: To find out more, visit the NCAA Eligibility Center: Core Courses NCAA Division I requires 16 core courses. NCAA Division II […]

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