• NCAA Informational Meeting

    NCAA Informational Meeting

    Wednesday, September 7th at 6:30 pm in the Olathe North Auditorium Meeting is for all students 9-12 who aspire to participate in college level athletics. College NCAA Eligibility Information will be presented by Josh Price, ON Athletic Direction and Alicia […]

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  • NCAA Eligibility Presentation

    NCAA Eligibility Presentation

    Thanks to all those who attended the NCAA presentation by Jay Novacek and Angie Salava. The power point used during the presentation is here: High School NCAA IE Standards

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  • New NCAA recruiting regulations

    Note the following changes for student-athletes enrolling on or after August 1st, 2016 for Div. I: (1) updated sliding scale with the new GPA requirement of 2.3 to be competition eligible: (2) 10 core courses to be completed prior […]

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  • NCAA Class of 2016 Standards

    NCAA Class of 2016 Standards

    The NCAA’s dramatic changes to DI initial-eligibility academic standards are in effect for high school athletes in the class of 2016 and beyond. The changes include a higher minimum core course GPA, new credit requirements prior to senior year and […]

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  • NCAA Calculator

    NCAA Calculator

    In an effort to track the academic progress of our prospective college-bound athletes, and ensure they will be eligible to play in college as freshmen, our school is using an “NCAA Eligibility Calculator”.    

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  • Divisions I and II Initial-Eligibility Requirements pre and post-2015

    Divisions I and II Initial-Eligibility Requirements pre and post-2015

    To get your own pdf copy of this, please see: To find out more, visit the NCAA Eligibility Center: Core Courses NCAA Division I requires 16 core courses. NCAA Division II currently requires 14 core courses. Division II will […]

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