• Living through Music

    Senior Bryce Prichard has had a passion for music ever sense he was small. But as growing up through life it became a burning passion and his love for music became even […]

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  • Feature Story – Mr. Carter

    Feature Story – Mr. Carter

    From teaching math to instructing percussion for the ONW Band, Mr. Carter has been known for his many talents, but never expected to be teaching high school math. “I always thought I’d be […]

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  • First Annual ONW Craft Fair

    First Annual ONW Craft Fair

    Last Saturday, the first annual ONW Craft Fair was held in the Auxiliary gym. This event gave shoppers the opportunity to purchase one-of-a-kind gifts early in the holiday season. Chelsea Pepmiller, the […]

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  • LTAB Members Featured on KCPT

    LTAB Members Featured on KCPT

    On October 9th, three members of Louder Than A Bomb went to the premiere of the Hamilton Documentary. Lily Hooks, Teren Holliday, and Victoria Kepner were also invited to perform their own […]

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  • Raven Volleyball State Championship

    Raven Volleyball State Championship

    Traveling to Topeka, Kansas, the Olathe Northwest Raven Volleyball Team had a shot at winning the state championship. Getting through matches on Friday, the Ravens advanced to the final four to compete […]

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  • Mole Day Recap

    Mole Day Recap

    In science, a mole is the name for Avogadro’s number: 6.02 X 10^23rd. In the science world, it was once said that on October 23rd, at 6:02 in the morning, scientists were […]

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  • ONW Now for October 26, 2016

    ONW Now for October 26, 2016

    ONW Now for October 26, 2016 — Stories include: Brandon Collins’ Fundraiser, Charity Golf Tournament for Suicide Prevention, Mole Day, GameDay Northwest, and recap of Trunk-n-Treat.

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  • Street Safety

    Street Safety

    With the new construction around ONW, traffic can become very congested and confusing. According to Principal Zuck, many more students “are taking reckless risks when it comes to crossing Lone Elm to […]

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  • ONW’s New Counselor — Elva Medina

    ONW’s New Counselor — Elva Medina

    Elva Medina is ONW’s new Sophomore Counselor this year. Previously, she worked at Shawnee Mission North as a counselor for five years; however, even with five-years tenure she says that she is still […]

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  • New Athletic Director

    New Athletic Director

    Joe Gunderson is Olathe Northwest’s new Athletic Director. Having spent 9 years at Center High School it’s safe to say he’s more than prepared for the job. During his time at Center […]

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  • Raise Me Scholarship

    Raise Me Scholarship

    A micro-scholarship site that allows a student to get scholarships from colleges for achievement in high school. Add your achievements Add your course grades, clubs, sports, volunteer activities and more to your […]

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  • Finding Independence in Kansas

    Finding Independence in Kansas

    Every year ONW brings in a variety of students from all over the world. Gabe Calixto is a foreign exchange student from Brazil, and notes there are several differences between his home […]

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