Celebrating 10 Years with all school music video

ONW is all about tradition and one that has developed over the years is the integration of video with Raven Pride.  Last year, it was the successful shoot of ONW’s first Lip Dub. This year it was an ONW formation with five minutes of  practice and 2,000 people.  In addition to the chaos of organizing that many people into formation, this video incorporated a boom truck, crane, scissor lift, nine cameras, 2,500 balloons and the entire student body.

History instructor Jennifer Addington took on the challenge of choreographing the creation of the ONW human logo by using all students and staff; a human 10 (to celebrate 10 years of ONW tradition) by using the 10th graduating class, the class of 2013; and a rectangle filled with students, staff, and black balloons that were released after a rededication speech by principal, Dr. Gwen Poss.

Throughout the shoot, Head girls basketball coach Joel Branstrom led the students in Raven Pride chants, the Cha-Cha, a dance off, and just general fun.   The event was completed with an all school photo, replicating one that was shot in 2003 when the school opened with around 800 students.  This year’s photo included over 1800 students.


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