College and Career Readiness Seminars

First Seminar

To attend please get a pass from your English teacher

September 8College Search/College Visit/College Night:   Students will be shown how to find their dream college using various search engines.  The concept of dream schools, reach schools, and safety schools will be explained. Students will be taught how to schedule a college visit and what they should be looking for on that visit.  Not able to visit a college?  Then visit with the representative at a local college night.  Students will be given a list of local college fairs/college nights and a list of questions to ask the representatives in order to make the most of those brief visits.  Location:  Raven’s Nest

September 15:  College Applications:  Students will be taught where to find a college application and how to apply.  The Common Application will be explained along with how to submit supplementary materials that are required with applications.   Location:  Flex Theatre

September 22:  Testing and Test Prep:  Testing is a big part of the college process.  Students will be told which tests are needed and when those tests are given as well as tips to do well on those tests.  Location:  Raven’s Nest

October 6:  College Essays:  Many college applications and most scholarship applications require an essay.  Students will learn what colleges and scholarship organizations are looking for in a well-written college essay. Location:  Flex Theatre

October 13:  Resumes:  All students should leave high school with a well-written resume.  Students will be taught how to format their resume and how to make it showcase their talents and abilities to impress employers, colleges, and scholarship organizations.  Location:  Flex Theatre

October 27:  Letters of Recommendation:  Students will be taught how to ask for letters of recommendation, whom to ask, and how they can ensure the letter of recommendation says what they want it to say.  Location:  Flex Theatre

November 3:  Transcripts:  What is a transcript and what does it look like?  Students will be shown their transcript, explore how they can make it appeal to colleges and scholarship organizations, and learn how they can get their transcript.  Location:  Raven’s Nest

November 10:  Selective Colleges and Military Academies:  Selective colleges are more difficult than ever to get into.  The selective college process is explained and tips are given to increase student chance of admission. Location:  Flex Theatre

November 17:  NCAA:   Students who want to continue to play their sport in college will learn about the NCAA process and what they need to be doing now in order to ensure their eligibility. Location:  Flex Theatre

December 1:  Scholarships & Financial Aid:   College is expensive.  Students are told how to reduce college costs through the use of local scholarships and federal financial aid.  Location:  Flex Theatre

December 8:  “I’ve been admitted to college; now what?!”  Students are given the “next steps” now that they have been admitted to college.  Honors programs, housing, meal plans, and class enrollment are de-mystified.  Location:  Flex Theatre

To attend please get a pass from your English teacher.

Flyer:  College and Career Readiness Seminars 2016 – Locations


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