December Raven Props

propBoxSideBlueDr. Poss and the FOR Club are excited to recognize this month’s Raven’s Prop Box nominees: December 2013



Brian Jenkins: Bought a fellow Raven lunch when they were out of money.

Brian Ness: After lunch in the Ravens Nest, Brian helped the custodians by pushing in chairs and clearing the area.

Grace Horvat: Helping scrape the ice off car windshields late at night after the musical.

Olivia Copeland: Being there for a fellow Raven. “Put a smile on my face when I was feeling down”.

Tanner Nelson: After lunch in the Ravens Nest, Tanner helped the custodians by pushing in chairs and clearing the area.

Thomas York: Volunteered his passing period to help a teacher put up all the classroom chairs when the class forgot to do it.

Victoria Scarduzio: Helping a fellow Raven carry books and walk them to this Raven’s classes.

And, Top Props Goes To:

Alex Kiegerl: “A true hero”. Alex helped save a life at the scene of a car accident. He knew exactly what to do and did all the right things to assist the person despite any fear he had. “I am so proud of him!”

Ella Pavin: Passing the soccer ball with another student during PE Activities when the fellow Raven was off playing by themselves. “Props Girl”!

Jenna Beckerle: “She has been a great friend”. Paying for a fellow Raven’s lunch for an extended period of time.

Megan Osborn: Advocating for a friend in need of support when it wasn’t easy to do so.

Michael Hund: Cleans up lunch tables, picks up trash, loans things to people in need. Pays “tons of kindness” and “makes every day better”.


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