February Props

propBoxSideBlueDr. Poss and the FOR Club are excited to recognize the Raven’s “Top Props” Box nominees for February 2015:


Brooke Riedy: Brooke was nominated for holding the door open for her fellow Ravens AND for buying one of those Ravens lunch.

Nominated by: Anna Massey


Rachel Brookhart: Rachel was nominated for buying a fellow Raven’s lunch when they were out of money on their card.

Nominated by: Tiajah Holt


Spencer Child: Spencer was nominated for staying after school and helping the international language department clean the flex theatre after Mardi Gras.

Nominated by: Senora Walsh


Trey Espy: Trey was nominated for being in the right place at the right time! A fellow Raven was carrying items for the bake sale and Trey happened to be there to hold doors and help her deliver items.

Nominated by: Debbie Underwood

Congratulations to This Month’s Nominees!


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