Health Expo

Last Friday, the ONW P.E. Department held their 3rd annual Health Expo.  This event was created for students to learn more about how to make healthy choices and to inform them about how to live a healthy life. Venders from around the Johnson County area came to educate students about wellness and decision making.  

Vendors including K-State, the Olathe Medical Center, police officers, local nutritionists, Garmin, and more came to show students what it takes to maintain a healthy life. Students were able to learn about self defense, CPR, physical therapy, chiropractics, and rehabilitation from professionals in the medical field.  

P.E. teacher Mark Mahoney and the physical education department came together with the foods group in this event which has been held by ONW for the past 3 years.  Gabby Thomas and Sydney Weeks go behind the scenes of what this event is really about. 


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