Introducing: Power 50

Power 50 is a positive school-wide initiative to encourage and support student achievement. All 5 Olathe high schools will have the same concept.

When is it?

Monday (11:32-12:22)

Tuesday (11:32-12:22)

Wednesday (11:05-11:55)

Thursday (11:49-12:39)

Friday (11:32-12:22)

A bell will ring halfway through the period.

What do we do?

Students are allowed to take advantage of a variety of activities. For example:

  • Students may eat lunch in the cafeteria, courtyard, classrooms (based on individual teacher preferences/allergy plans, Hallways and Event Entrance)
  • Participate in club meetings
  • Meet with teachers during designated office hours


ONW is a closed campus during the school day. Students are required to remain on campus for lunch/Power Hour.

Food is not allowed in the gym, locker rooms, restrooms, Media Center or Computer Labs.

The Media Center will be a quiet study area.

All School announcements will be limited during Power Hour.

Students are expected to visit and work with teachers at least 2 times per week.

Each teacher will have designated office hours during Power Hour. Teachers may require attendance as needed for student success. This will be communicated through Studentvue. Students are expected to access teachers for reasons such as:

  • The student’s overall class grade is below a 70%.
  • The student needs to make up a test or assignment due to an excused absence.
  • The student needs to get help on an assignment.

It will be necessary for some teachers to perform supervisory roles during Power 50. Each teacher will have signage outside his/her classroom that indicates what days and times he/she is available. There will be additional signage indicating whether the room allows food/drink. 


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