January Props

Dr. Poss and the FOR Club are excited to recognize this month’s Raven’s Prop Box nominees

Abby Oshner: Abby offers to go get and put away peer’s textbooks daily in class.

Bonnie Dowd: Bonnie is always prepared and gives of her time to help others in the class understand the subject.

Brian Geller: Brian always picks up leftover trash and pushes in chairs after lunch to help others.

Cinthya Luna: Cinthya was seen holding the door open for center based resource students who needed help.

Jason McFarland: Jason is always there to help his classmates understand projects and software. “Gives up his own time to help us out”.

Yasmiene Correa: Yasmiene shows her Raven pride by picking up trash when she sees it and opening/holding doors for others.

And Top Props goes to:

Lily Firnhaber: Lily really enjoys her peer mentoring class. She always has nice things to say and supports the students in that class through her words and actions.



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