Juniors: Preparing for your Senior Year

Juniors Spring and Summer Assignment:  Preparing for the Senior Year

  1. Sign up for EdModo announcements:  edmodo.com, Class of 2016.  Code:  c38tir
  1. Sign up for the June ACT:  actstudent.org .  When signing up for the ACT, have test scores automatically sent to JCCC for College Now.  The June ACT is on June 13.  The sign up deadline is May 8.
  1. If you are taking a College Now class next year and want college credit, do a JCCC application at jccc.edu/admissions/apply
  1. Prepare your resume. careercruising.com has easy resume-building templates for you to use.
  1. Fill out and return the Senior Profile to ONW Student Services.
  1. Create an account at parchment.com . This is the electronic transcript service all Seniors use.
  1. Sign up for a free scholarship service—Fastweb at fastweb.com . Bookmark the district scholarship website and check out other local scholarship opportunities at http://schools.olatheschools.com/buildings/scholarships/
  1. Visit colleges during the summer break. Know which colleges to which you will apply.
  1. Begin asking teachers, your employer, or somebody else who is not related to you for a letter of recommendation. It is important to have three letters of recommendation ready to use for your college applications and scholarships.
  1. If considering a selective college, check out the possibility of doing a summer-time class or program. www.onwravens.net/blog/category/student-info/summer-opportunities lists many such programs that are available for rising Seniors.
  1. Community Service is important! Nearly every college and scholarship application asks about it.  Find something you are passionate about and spend some time this summer volunteering in that area.
  1. You may begin applying to most colleges on August 1, some even earlier! Begin working on your college applications once you can.  College applications are due by November 1.

Juniors Spring and Summer Assignment