Lunch Charges

This is a gentle reminder that we do not allow charging for lunch at the high school level.  We expect our students to communicate their needs with you whether it is having money on their account, or packing a lunch each day.  You can login to directly see what your child is eating each day which will assist you if you believe their account is dwindling quickly. You can also add money to their account by sending them with a check or add via the web.  Please know that adding money through the internet usually takes 24-48 hours to process.  We offer a regular lunch with 3 sides for $2.50 each day.  We also have al a carte items which includes Planet Sub, Pizza Hut and several other options.  Al a carte tends to be more expensive. Should financial restraints become an issue, we do offer a free and reduced program to assist families.  Please contact your student’s administrator for assistance with this program if you need help.  Again, please help us with lunch and remind your student there is no charging.


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