May Props

propBoxSideBlueMay 2014

Dr. Poss and the FOR Club are excited to recognize this month’s Raven’s Prop Box nominees:


Top Props Goes To……

  • Aubrey Schubert: Aubrey always bakes food to bring in for her seminar 2 class. She has been doing this all year!
  • Ben Roppe: Ben was standing in the office when the recycling bins were being moved out. He immediately walked over to open and hold the doors. It was then he noticed a staff member trying to carry materials so he promptly assisted her as well!
  • Joey Tangeman: While another student was absent Joey filled out the missed note sheets for this student and even followed up to make sure he understood the material!
  • Sophie Solomonson: Sophie always puts up the chairs for the Algebra 2 class at the end of the day!

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