View ONW’s MLK Jr. competition winners!

These talented ONW students received awards for their video and art entries at the Olathe Human Resource Commission MLK Jr. competition.

Lylena Estabin

Best in Show & 1st Place in High School Video 


Jacob Downing & Corey Eaton 

2nd in the High School Video



Purpose Greater Than Myself.m4v

Reese Bailey

2nd place for High School visual arts

To me, “A Purpose Greater Than Myself” means putting the greater good of others before the greater good of yourself as an individual. I’m not a parent, but I know through the love of my own parents that when you have a child, they become your greater purpose. The goal becomes creating a better future for your child instead of creating a better present for yourself; this idea is what I wanted to convey in this piece.

Martin Luther King Jr. understood this concept better than most people. He wanted his children to live and thrive in a world without discrimination, segregation, or hate. His words and actions inspired people to begin striving toward his idea of a better future for their children. This piece is my interpretation of a father-son moment during King’s time; a father listens to King’s words, enhancing his love and inclination to protect, educate, and give the best to his son.




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