New Program: Ravens Care

ONW Raven Families:

I am excited to share with you a new support program at ONW called RAVENS CARE. As ONW continues to provide preventative instruction and supports needed to ensure all of our students’ emotional well-being and success, we have developed a partnership with Responsive Centers for Psychology and Learning (

Therapists from Responsive Centers will begin providing on-site therapy at ONW and offer services for our students needing support with mental health and behavioral issues. We believe that the convenient access to such services right on the ONW campus, from such a reputable partner in the KC area, adds an additional layer of support for students needing more intensive mental health and behavioral therapeutic services.

We believe that providing space in our building for a private practice to offer services to our students will make it easier for many parents to schedule appointments that minimize loss of class time. This is an optional opportunity based on a confidential parent, student, or staff member referral and requires fully-informed parental consent prior to beginning any services.

All referrals are confidential. This is a fee-based service. The Responsive Centers accepts most insurance plans. Financial assistance may also be available. No student will be refused support based on a family’s ability to pay.

Three therapists from Responsive Centers will begin seeing students after the Winter Break in January. To learn more about these therapists, please see the attached biographies:  Olathe NW Therapists

If you would like more information on this optional program or would like to make a referral for services for your student, please contact your child’s counselor or an ONW administrator. If an ONW staff member (or your child) makes a referral, you will be contacted about this opportunity.

The emotional well-being of each and every student at ONW remains a top priority and is vital to our teaching and learning mission as we prepare students for their future.

Thank you,

Chris Zuck, Principal
Olathe Northwest High School


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