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New Student Enrollment

To make an appointment to enroll a new student at Olathe Northwest High School please call 913-780-7157.  Olathe District Schools requires a parent to bring the following documents to begin enrollment for a new student:

  1. Your student’s birth certificate
  2. A copy of your student’s immunization records
  3. Proof of your address in the form of a utility bill, housing contract or lease agreement
  4. A copy of your student’s transcript including exit grades if transferring mid-year
  5. Your student’s Individual Education Program (IEP) if applicable
  6. Proof of your legal guardianship if applicable

Please plan to arrive 20 minutes prior to your enrollment appointment with the above documents. 

Upon arriving for your enrollment appointment, the following documents will also need to be completed before meeting with the counselor:

  1. Student Enrollment Form
  2. Proof of Identity Form
  3. Transcript Request
  4. Health Survey

Once all forms have been completed and verified you will meet with the counselor to discuss class schedule.  After the student’s schedule is complete you will be directed to the bookkeeper to discuss payment of fees.

If the student is enrolling during the school year they will then meet with a Link Leader who will give them a tour of the building, get their ID picture taken, check to ensure their locker works, and make arrangements to meet for lunch.


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