November Prop Box

propBoxSideBlue Dr. Poss and the FOR Club are excited to recognize this month’s Raven’s Prop Box nominees: 




Abby Inman:       Stays after 7th hour every day to help put up chairs, textbooks and clean up the classroom without being asked or expected to help. She is “courteous and helpful to everyone around her”

Alison Thomas:  Picked up papers that another student had dropped.

Grace Horvat:  “Making high school easier for me. She is always smiling and helping others out”.

Jake Summers:  For helping a fellow Raven on crutches get to class and lunch EVERYDAY!  “Great guy”

Liz Wenkel: Picking up a cart full of books accidently knocked over by a sub so that the sub could keep reaching the class.

Maddy Lewis:  Invited a fellow Raven who was eating alone to come and sit with her and her friends.

Nick Reed:  Noticed a fellow Raven eating alone at a table when other students got up to leave. Nick gathered his lunch and moved to sit across from the student and introduce himself.

And Top Props Goes To:

David Habnegger:  Noticed a fellow Raven needed help in class. He stopped what he was working on and took the time to read the assignment out loud so the student could understand it better.

Jason Vado Cruz:  Helped an underclassman on her assignments during Seminar. He took time to translate the assignment for the student  and then helped her with directions and translation back.

Mitch Holsinger:  Helped a fellow Raven in need get from the events entrance all the way across the school to center based resource.

Noah Sullivan:  Volunteered to help a classmate learn key terminology/material for an upcoming exam. Went “above and beyond” by coming up with mnemonics to help this fellow Raven study for the test.

Reed Smith:  Noticed a teacher walking down the hall with their hands full. Anticipated the teacher would need help with opening a door. He followed the teacher and offered “Let me get that for you” when the teacher reached the classroom.


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