November Props

Dr. Poss and the FOR Club are excited to recognize this month’s Raven’s Top Props Box nominees:

Andrew Kerns: Andrew gave his time to create cards of support for the families affected by last week’s deaths. His actions provided comfort to members of our Raven family.

Nominated by: Kelsie Wilt


Ady Barraza: Ady is always showing kindness to peers and after lunch she gives her time to clean tables and pick up the trash that is left behind.

Nominated by: Lluvia Garcia


Bailey Krouse: Bailey is supportive of her fellows Ravens. When she notices that someone is having a hard time she helps them get through and is a “good friend”.

Nominated by: Anonymous


Karan Kaushal: Karan found a Raven’s backpack and cell phone that was left behind in a classroom. He brought the items to the office to be claimed safely by the owner.

Nominated by: Lloyd Lentz


Yena Kim: Yena is a role model with her kindness to all Ravens. She daily models “One Raven family”.

Nominated by: Lluvia Garcia



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