October Props!

propBoxFrontBlueDr. Poss and the FOR Club are excited to recognize this month’s Raven’s Prop Box nominees:

Grace Horvat: Grace stayed late every day after school to help a fellow Raven prepare for their musical audition.

Nominated by: Anonymous

Lauren Medlock: Lauren reached out to a fellow Raven at the pep assembly and invited them so sit with her and invited a Raven to join her at the Homecoming assembly sing the alma mater.

Nominated by: Justin Haines and a second anonymous nomination

Nicole Thurman: Nicole is an all-around positive person who has a compliment to brighten your day.

Nominated by: Mason Reaser


And Top Props Goes To:

John Mestemacher: John “paid it forward” by leaving $5.00 to pay for the next 5 Ravens’ donuts on a Thursday morning.

Nominated by: Grace Reeves

Lloyd Lantz: Lloyd received too much change from the vending machine. He reported this to the front office and returned the over-payment!

Nominated by: Mrs. Evers

Mallory Newcomb: Mallory found a Visa gift card in the hallway and brought it to the front office so the owner could claim it.

Nominated by: Mrs. Inman


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