Social Media Awareness for Parents

Potential Predator Apps

kikkik – Allows potential predators to communicate anonymously with your children.

tindertinder – Dating app that allows user to “rate” profiles and locate “hookups” via GPS tracking rating encourages bullying and GPS tracking opens door for predator.

snapchatsnapchat – Self-destructs photos sent within a few seconds unless someone takes a screen shot; notoriously used to post revenge porn, called “snap porn”.

Potential Bullying Apps

Yik YakYik Yak – Allows users to anonymously send sexually explicit and abusive language.

whisperWhisper – Encourages users to share secrets with strangers, which can encourage bullying. – Encourages anonymous Q & A; associated with multiple suicides across the U.S.

Deceptive Apps

vaultyVaulty – Snaps a photo of anyone trying to access the “vault” with wrong password; intention is to hide information

audio manager“Audio Manager”Deceptive and disguises itself as “Audio Manager” but hides other apps, messages and media behind a locked screen.

hicalculatorHiCalculator – Looks like a calculator, but allows users to hide photos, videos and messages.


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