ParentVUE – NEW for 2014

What is it?

ParentVUE is a secured website which offers parents real-time access to information such as assignments, grades, attendance, credits earned, school and teacher contact, calendar information, course schedules, health immunization records, etc.

How do I get it?

To gain access to ParentVUE, you must obtain an activation letter in order to initiate your account. This activation letter was included in your registration packet. Email Paula Devers  to request your activation key if you were unable to attend Registration.

Then go to:

We ask that parents log in to ParentVUE on a desktop/ laptop computer via the ParentVUE website ( ) the first time so you can complete the acknowledgements.  The ParentVUE app does not display the acknowledgements. However, if you use a web browser on a mobile device and access the ParentVUE website ( ) you may be able to access the acknowledgements.

What if I have trouble?

Please try the suggestions in this document: Problem Solving ParentVUE Issues



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