Parking Lot Procedures


In the morning our busses deliver students beginning at 7:15am and continue until approximately 7:50am. During this time, the busses are only stop for a few minutes to allow students to exit the bus safely. Since busses only stop for a moment, and they are not all here at once like after school, we welcome parents to drop off students at all locations and door entrances around the school. We recognize that with the construction, the increased number of students we have and they the regular traffic along College have caused challenges in getting your student here to school. Please bear with us as the construction will be completed soon and with 4 lanes with turning lanes included that problem along College should be remedied.


When picking up your child after school, please review the above map. We recognize that traffic in the parking lot is frustrating and is taking longer than it should. As we release approximately 1000 teenage drivers, load 30 school busses with students, our main focus is on safety. Over the intercom, we remind students to take it slow in the parking lots and take their time getting out of the lot. Here are some tips on how to make a smooth pick up and drop of.

  • The busses leave the lot at 3:06, delay picking up your child until 3:15 or after
  • Once the busses leave, students may be picked up at any exit, including the College Blvd. side.
  • When picking up your student on the North side pick-up and drop-off point, continue to progress forward to east to make room for cars pulling into the lot from Lone Elm.
  • Make right turns on College instead of waiting to cross traffic.
  • Be patient as we are releasing 2300 students and want everyone to safely make it home.

See the map: Parking Lot Procedures 2016_17


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