Pilots fly in to talk with Engineering Academy students/parents

Students and parents in the Engineering Academy had a very cool experience Wednesday when 2008 ONW Graduate Jon Bernard Pro invited students out to New Century Airport to see the F/A 18 Hornet he is currently taking across the country for training.  After Olathe Northwest Jon attended Embry Riddle and majored in aviation and business before entering the Navy.  Jon’s Weapons Systems Operator, Dan, graduated from the Naval Academy with a major in aerospace engineering and was also there today speaking with families.  The two recently completed a tour of duty in Syria and Iraq and have been stateside for a few months of training.  Jon also came and spoke to students during a Raven 50 earlier this year – we are so thankful for Jon’s interest in giving back to our community and working to inspire young people.

Families who attended asked great questions about aviation, aerospace engineering, and military careers before the pilots took off and tipped their wing with afterburners firing as they headed on to Virginia.  Raven Parent Chuck Maples captured some fantastic pictures of the event and you can see the album by following this link:

Jon Bernard-Pro visit with F/A-18 Fighter Plane

It was pretty wild seeing a couple young men in their mid 20’s flying away today! 



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