Raven Sweet Cases – Help Us Give Hope to Foster Kids!

Giving Hope One Case at a Time

Led by the Interpersonal Skills classes at Olathe Northwest, our goal is to help children being placed into foster care by providing them with hope.
This hope is in the form of a simple duffel bag, filled with items that they will be able to call their own no matter where they go or how long they are away.
Each dollar donated gets us closer to being able to replace the trash bag that kids are given to bring possessions with them. No one wants to feel thrown away or unwanted. Handing a child a trash bag in the hardest moment of their life does just that.
You can help. We can help. Together.
We can bring some small comfort to children in dire need. Just $25 will purchase a bag, stuffed animal, blanket, toiletries, coloring book and crayons for a little boy or girl to call their own. Any amount is welcome as we work to help as many kids in the Olathe area as we can.
Please visit our page to donate if you can and be sure to share the page your friends and family!



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