September Props

Dr. Poss and the FOR Club are excited to recognize this month’s Raven’s Prop Box nominees:

Brooks Walker: Books helped fellow Ravens after school who were putting up flyers by taking the time to fix their stapler. Your time was appreciated!!

Kamaryn Gibson: “Cami” was very welcoming to a new foreign exchange student. She went out of her way to be helpful. Thank you for showing a new student we are one Raven family!!

Shabriah Goines: Shabriah always has compliments for her fellow Ravens and smiles to everyone in the hallway. And, she is helping fellow Ravens in College Bio! Your kindness is noticed!!

Victoria Scarduzio: Victoria is showing her fellow Ravens kindness by “always being nice to people” and helping pick up books. Your kindness is noticed!!

And Top Props Goes To:

Kayla Burke: When a student Kayla was unfamiliar with became ill in the lunchroom, Kayla escorted her to the nurse; stayed with her to make sure she was ok and collected her things from the classroom. Ravens caring for Ravens!!

Laura Reyes: While purchasing an ID card Laura was accidently given an extra $5 in change. She returned to the office immediately to point out the mistake and return the money. Your honesty is appreciated!!

Nicole Budreau: As Nicole was passing between classes she stopped along the way and picked up trash in the commons. Thank you for helping keep our school beautiful!!

Shona Ford: On Shona’s very first day as a Raven she was already showing school pride by picking up trash in the hallways between classes. You are a great addition to the Raven family!!



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