Team Ironhide Wins Bots KC Grand Champion Award!

botsKCUpdate: wed 4/20

Joel Nichols and KSHB came out this morning to interview Team Ironhide! Check it out!


ONW team Ironhide won the grand champion award last weekend in the Bots KC regional competition at Olathe Northwest. The Ironhide team battled back from a first-round loss to win eight straight matches to claim victory over another ONW team, Megatron, in the final match.

Ironhide’s win recognized the tremendous effort put forward by the team not only in the arena but also through a judging interview with university engineering professors and manufacturing company leaders, submission of an engineering design notebook, and safety inspections.

The Ironhide team was led by project manager Noah Imel and included Shivum Dang, Jared Haworth, Nathan Sparks and Ryan McIlvaine.  The Megatron team was led by project manager Jeffrey Payne and included Austin Patrick, Nicholas Askew, Shivkarthi Sundar and A.J. Null.

Bots KC is sponsored by the Kansas City National Tooling & Machining Association.


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