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NYC Summer Academy 2017

Designed for highly motivated and talented high school students, our NYC Summer Academy offers participants the opportunity to live and learn in  New York City during two-week sessions.  Working with award-winning journalists from The Times and expert practitioners from across the city, students learn first hand how ideas take shape, forming the industries of today and the creative enterprises of tomorrow.

Two-week courses for high school students available in June and July.  Students can drill-down into one topic in our Intensive Courses or sample four topics in our Exploration Courses.

Upcoming Course Topics Include

  • Writing for Television
  • Writing the Big City
  • Photojournalism as Art
  • NYC Food: From Farm to Table and Beyond
  • The Future of Fashion
  • Opinion Writing
  • Visual Storytelling
  • Pop Music as Art and Business
  • Writing About Ourselves
  • Cultural and Creative Writing
  • Sports Management
  • Sprots Statistics
  • Future Sports Trends:  Media, Management and Beyond
  • Technology and Society
  • Collaborative Theater Making
  • The Price of Everything:  How Economics Shapes the World

Find out more at: or call:  646-438-7269



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