The Writing Center is open!

The ONW Writing Center is officially open for this school year!

The ONW Writing Center is open to any student wanting to receive feedback on any type of writing. This year, we’re open Tuesdays during Power 50 (Lunch B) and Thursdays during Seminar. We use trained peer tutors who take a hands-off approach in helping other students improve their writing.

If students would like to book Writing Center appointments, they need to sign up online. The sign-up can be found here:

Seminar passes:

  • Students who sign up for Writing Center appointments will receive an automated response that will serve as a pass.  Students return to Seminar at 2:55 pm.
  • Students who serve as peer tutors have a laminated Writing Center pass to use all year.

We welcome any type of writing, and students will receive a confirmation page detailing their time spent at the Writing Center as verification for their teacher. There are posters in classrooms and around the halls.

We’re excited to continue to offer this resource for our students, and we appreciate your support!

Angie Powers & Jessica Skoglund
Writing Center Co-Sponsors


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