Valentine’s Blood Drive Sets Record

ONW Student Council’s Valentine’s Blood Drive set a new ONW record for our 3 blood drives this year, 39 pints over last year’s record! Congrats to all involved in the organization behind the drives, and to all who donated.

See the letter below from our Community Blood Center Representative:

Thank you for an amazing Valentine’s Day blood drive at Olathe Northwest High School.  Student Council is to be commended for organizing, promoting and executing a record-setting spring drive.

Community Blood Center registered 314 donors and collected 264 units of blood – the most blood ever donated by the Raven Nation at a spring blood drive.  69 persons were deferred from donating for medical reasons (i.e. low iron count, medicine or travel restrictions), 19 didn’t complete their donations (but the school received credit for the effort), 19 donated Automated Red Cells on an ALYX machine (each counting as two pints toward the collection goal) and 96 were first-time donors.  I’ll mail Mrs. Ingles a list of attendees when it’s available.

Yesterday’s success means ONW set a second record by collecting 649 pints of blood at three drives this school year – 39 pints more than the record the Ravens set last year.  That generosity touched the lives of 1,300 hospital patients.  Thank you for saving so many lives right here right now.

It takes a village to achieve this kind of success year after year.  It starts with the support of Principal Zuck and ONW administrators; builds under the leadership of blood drive co-chairs Kathy Ingles and Carol Toburen, Student Council sponsors, and Cathy Schaukowitch, school nurse; and comes to fruition through the hard work of StuCo officers and members.

It’s a pleasure working with these dedicated volunteers and I look forward to helping them climb to new heights in the 2017-2018 school year.



Jim Sajevic

Recruitment Representative | Community Blood Center



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