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Frequently Asked Questions

Online Registration / Lockers / Parking Permits

I have completed the registration process online.  Do I need to come to the school on Thursday, July 27th to do anything?

No you are not required to attend the registration day.

You may come to the school to:

  • pick up the 2016-2016 yearbook
  • pick up your Adult Activity Pass
  • Pick up Parking Permits
  • See the Nurse
  • Pay Fees by Cash
  • Sign up for RPO and volunteer opportunities
  • Visit Project Graduation
  • Visit Booster, Activity and Community Partner Tables
  • Visit Cafeteria Staff

When I registered my child online, it says “waiting”.  What do I do?

You are good to go! Your student is registered and the data operator is working through finalizing the process.

We are going to be out of town on July 27th, can we pick up items after this day?

Yes!  Beginning Monday 31st our office hours are from 7:00am-4:00pm, Monday through Friday. Stop by the main office.

We are going to be out of town during locker check out. Can one of my child’s friends check out the locker for them?

When we check out lockers, we also give out the combination to try to ensure that it works.  We do not check out lockers to friends.

We are going to be out of town during locker check out. Can I send another adult to check out the locker for them?

We will check out a locker to an adult but caution is given.  Students often like their locker to be near their classes.  Once the locker is checked out to the student, they are not allowed to switch locations.

We are going to be out of town during locker checkout.  Can my Junior/Senior come in the next day to check out a locker?

No, this day is only reserved for Freshman/Sophomore check out. 

We are going to be out of town during locker checkout.  Can my child come in at another time to get their locker.

We will only be checking lockers out during the scheduled times

  • August 2nd – Juniors and Seniors – 8:00am-1:00pm.
  • August 3rd – Freshman and Sophomores 8:00am-1:00pm.  
  • August 17 (all students) 7:15am-8:00am and 10:45am-1:15pm.
    • After those days, if students would like to check out a locker, they will come to Student Services or the main office.

Does my child have to check out a locker?

No.  We have many students who do not check out lockers.  We allow students to carry backpacks.

My child will be driving and need a parking permit later in the year. Can I buy it then?

Yes, you may purchase it any time during the year.



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