Westminster College

Westminster STEM Academy is providing an experience for incoming high school freshmen through the graduating class of 2017 seniors.  Students will explore the power of science and technology to shape lives and transform our world.  Date:  June 23-27, 2017.  Check out the program at http://www.westminster-mo.edu/academics/summer/STEM-Academy.html.  For more information contact Dr. Jim Concannon at (573) 592-5293 or email  STEMAcademy@westminster-mo.edu.

The Westminster Institute for National Security (WINS) is an intensive, three day, four night experience for rising high school juniors and seniors (2017-2018 school year). Students explore, confront and challenge the global security issues facing our nation and world today.  Date:  July 23-26, 2017.  For more information contact Dr. Tobias Gibson at (573) 592-5185 or email WINS@westminster-mo.edu.


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