e-Communication Senior Show

April 27th 5-8pm

This evening allows every senior in e-Communication to show the work that they are the most proud of from their four years spent in the program. It is a way for them to show professionals and loved ones what they have accomplished. Our seniors would be honored to have you attend to support and congratulate them on their hard work.

See photos from Senior Show 2017





e-Communication is an Olathe 21 century program where students can learn skills in animation, video, web design, and graphic design. It is a place for students to express themselves in a creative way that can lead to many job opportunities and teach students important life skills that are not already taught during the normal school day.


The e-Communication endorsement is an extra notation on the transcript of a graduating senior showing that the student went above and beyond their regular class work to complete extra learning experiences, in addition to maintaining a solid GPA.