This is what brightens our lives…

Markus Becerra


Hanna Brady


Katelyn Brule

“Netterville’s Sarcasm”

Cade Chambers


Aaron Cole

“Being in Netterville’s class”

Timothy Collins


Jake Combs

“History, Strategy, Animation”

Dakota DePrima

“online/in person friends”

Sierra Draney

“Exploring the depths of my imagination.”

Hannah Fales

“Cheesy Puns”

Anna Gaiche

“Unsatisfied Curiosity “

Jeremy Ingalls

“Cardinal’s Baseball”

Saif Jasim

“Planet Earth”

Jessica Love


Greta Lundy


Adam Oskvig

Madison Redmond


Anthony Rima


Zac Schuh

Alan Seidl

“Friends and family”

Danny Sleigh

“When Olson dabs”

Joseph Tangerman

“Playing Music”

Erick Vidal

“My work”

Cody Wilcox


Meet the endorsing Animation seniors:


Seniors’ photos by Keri Fales:
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