This is what brightens our lives…


Libbie Bandy

“My dog, Boomer”

Brooke Biasella

“My Family”

Valhalla Cartwright

“My mom”

Victoria Scarduzio

“My friends and family”

Luke Voelker

“help people’s voices/stories be heard”

Bryce Lundgren

“My friends”

Alex Gabel

“Telling a funny joke”


Zach Clay

“Friends and Family”


Katie Andrew

“My friends and family”

Diego Astorga


Jessica Blom

“My friends and family”

Katie Crawford

“My friends”

Brianna Correa


Destane Doughty

“Smiling :)”

Jacob Downing

Corbin Eaton


Wyatt Fowler

“You can do anything you want in life”

Stockton Grunewald

“Refreshing taste of Diet Dr Pepper”

Chris Hwang

“Losing Winner”

Drew McCall

“Creating art with loving and interesting people”

Esperanza Meman

“music and art”

Anton Owens


Graham Petter

“Family, Friends, & Cars”

Elizabeth Pope

“Stage Lights”

Sarah Price


Bryce Prichard

“My friends”

Austin Sarol

“Lost In Film”

Trey Seaba


Howard Song

“My 6th & 7th hour family”

Makenzie Votaw

“The fact that anything is possible”

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