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  • Welcome to the 2016-2017 Season!

    Welcome to the 2016-2017 Season!

    We are so excited to start the 2016-2017 season. We hope to improve on Car 913’s success this year and create an even better car. Check back to follow our […]

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  • ONW Electrathon takes First Place

    ONW Electrathon takes First Place

    Last Saturday, we competed in the last race of the year at the Kansas City Police Academy. The track was about twice the size of a normal Electrorally track and was located […]

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  • Olathe Race: Third Place in the State

    Olathe Race: Third Place in the State

    The final race in the three race circuit took place at The College Blvd Activity Center across form Olathe Northwest. We were the race hosts, so plenty of planning went […]

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  • Scott City Race

    Scott City Race

    We recently returned from the second Race in the Kansas Electorally circuit, which was held on April 27th in Scott City, Ks. The track featured a tight, hairpin turn that caused […]

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  • Olathe Race Details

    Olathe Race Details

    The final race in the Kansas Electorally circuit takes place at the College Boulevard Activity Center (CBAC) West Parking lot on Saturday, May 7th. Spectators are welcome! Lunch will be […]

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  • 2016 Banquet

    2016 Banquet

    Our Banquet is on May 4th at 6:30 in the Raven’s Nest. Family, friends, future team members and sponsors are all invited! Let a team member know if you would […]

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  • this is a baby

    Science Night at Santa Fe Trail

    Last Week we participated in Science Night at Santa Fe Trail. We spent about two and a half hours talking to elementary and middle school students about our car and our […]

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  • Duncan displays the comfort of Car 913.

    4th place at Beloit, Kansas

    We met great success at our race last week. New car 913 took 4th place overall, the highest ONW has placed. During the first Race, 233 lasted about 40 minutes, […]

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  • Jack drives past the pit.

    Off to Beloit

    We are speedily preparing to leave for our first race of the three race circuit in Beloit, KS. After making several adjustments to battery securement on Car 913 and extensive testing […]

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  • Testing Underway

    Testing Underway

    For the past several days, We have been taking our cars over to CBAC in order to test all aspects of the car. In this process we have found much […]

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