Beloit Race – Electrathon

Car 913 and 233 take the first positions.

We completed our first race at the Touchstone Energy ElectroRally West in Beloit, KS. It was the first time 233 had ever ran for a whole hour. It ended up getting fifth place with 70 laps (24.1 MPH), which is really good for a new car. 913 is still going strong as it got third place with 74 laps (25.5 MPH). Third place is the highest place we have ever received in Beloit, and we plan to keep up the momentum for our upcoming races. We only lost by three laps to Hays High. During our second heat, 233’s chassis broke after completing 50 laps, but this issue has been fixed.

Clint and Jake work on the back wheel.

We placed first with our design notebook. This allows us to start first and second in the line up for every race in the spring race series. The advantage of that is we don’t have to worry about passing slower cars in the beginning of the race.

The team after receiving a third place finish.




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