National Weather Service Lights the Way

Mr. Chuck Maples, Mechanical and Photography Mentor

This past week we had an interesting turn of events here on FIRST Robotics Team 1710. Through our contact with Mr. Chuck Maples, a well-known mentor on the team, the National Weather Service will become a sponsor. The donation will, however, be a bit different than usual. As many of you know, to become a sponsor for the team a company must donate at least $500. The National Weather Service has gone above and beyond here; they will actually be donating roughly $500 worth of E-Watt Saver light bulbs to the team.

Now while this might not seem like a big deal, it really is. Since each light bulb has the potential to sell for roughly 3 times what we buy it for, we can make around $1500 off of that $500 donation. Wow, right? Who would have thought that a company could donate $1500 by just donating $500? Mind boggling!!! Next time you see Mr. Maples, be sure to thank him for working with us to get this very generous donation, and maybe we might see a few more sponsors as creative as the National Weather Service, willing to triple their investment in Team 1710.