Team 1710 Safety Crew

Safety is a huge part of FIRST Team 1710. In order to communicate the importance of safety to other teams at competitions, we created the Team 1710 Safety Crew: Bob Goggles, Charlie Caution, and Safety Sue.

Bob Goggles

Bob Goggles

Bob Goggles:

Hello! My name is Bob Goggles. If you have seen me before, you may know I was created to promote wearing protective gear. My trademark safety goggles were given to me by FIRST Team 1710 five years ago. My safety goggles always protect my eyes from dangerous things when the team is working. I do my best to make sure the students are always being safe not only when they build at home but also when they compete abroad. Please do your best to remain safe at this year’s competition! Good luck, and remember, I’m watching out for you.



Charlie Caution

Charlie Caution

Charlie Caution:

Hello there! My name is Charlie Caution. This FIRST Robotics season marks my third year as an advocate of safety for FIRST Team 1710 and any other teams they interact with. Although I’m responsible for teaching safety, I’m also learning more and more as the season progresses. My duty is to make sure that these young adults wear safe, protective clothing, while still having a fun time. The hardhat I wear serves as a reminder for both these students and myself to wear secure clothing at all times. I hope you have a great time at this year’s competition!


Safety Sue

Safety Sue

Safety Sue:

Hi, my name is Safety Sue! The inspiration for my character came from Mrs. Sue Rippe, co-founder of FIRST Team 1710 and founder of its safety foundation. This is my second year on FIRST Team 1710 and I am overjoyed to help out others in safety practices! My job is to ensure that the safety rules are followed at home, the competitions, and in the shop. I make sure to refer to MSDS sheets to avoid dangerous situations with chemicals. I love to see others having a fun time with science and technology while staying safe.



 Team 1710 Safety Outreach

An important part of FIRST Team 1710’s safety program is safety outreach. We have created an entire safety handbook that has important rules, documents, and MSD sheets. Our safety posters are also a great source of information, touring safety with fun and creative sayings. We hope that you enjoy learning about safety as much as we enjoy teaching it!

2012 Safety Handbook Cover

Team 1710 prides itself on spreading the word of FIRST through our award winning safety program. In 2009, we created a Safety Handbook to hand out to each team at regionals, and have continued to do so since. In 2012, we developed a Safety Activity Book to hand out to 5th and 6thgraders in our community. Last year we created a new safety trading card game. We did this to both spread safety to the community, and provide kids with a source of entertainment.
FRC Safety Manual – PDF Download

2013 Safety Handbook – PDF Download

2013 Safety Poster

Aside from books, our team participates in several safety-related activities throughout the year. Each one of our team members is OSHA certified and First AID/CPR certified. As a team we have begun to focus on sharing and spreading the message of safety to our greater community. We are reaching out and helping other FIRST teams expand their safety programs. We are also creating safety videos about each machine in our shops. These videos will be available for any FIRST team to use in their shop as well. After all of our preparation for safety, we are excited to have our knowledge tested in Saint Louis this April!

Below is our safety poster, starring one of our three safety captains Saul De La O. You may have seen these posters hanging up at the Greater Kansas City Regional, and if you or your team wants to use these posters, click the poster to download it below.