ONW Ravenwear Store

Order your Olathe Northwest Ravens equipment and apparel items TODAY!

Francis Sporting Goods has partnered with Olathe Northwest to bring you the best prices on apparel and equipment for the upcoming season.


Go to https://rtgbeta.com/Account/Register?Code=105483


Enter your name, email address, and phone number.  The package code should already be entered for you.  Create a password.  Password must be at least 6 characters.  Confirm your password.  Be sure to write your password down for future reference.


The Code for this package is 105483


Package expires 8/15 at midnight.

No orders will be accepted after the expiration date.  No exceptions!


 You can now order products.  Add as many items to your cart as you like.  Once you are done click “checkout”.  You will need to enter your name, address, players name (your name if you are not ordering for a player), and credit card information.  Be sure to print out the confirmation of your order.

All products purchased will be individually bagged with your name.  Packages will be delivered to the high school office for players and parents to pick up.  Expect delivery of non embroidered items within 10 days after the package expiration date.  Add 7-10 additional days for embroidered items.

If you have any questions, please contact Jon Francis by email.  jonfrancis@sunflower.com

After the initial order, the package will reopen twice each month.

Date open             Date closed                          Date open             Date closed 

7/25                        8/12                                        8/15                        8/29

9/1                          9/12                                        9/15                        9/29

10/1                        10/12                                      10/15                      10/29

11/1                        11/12                                      11/15                      11/29

12/1                        12/12                                      12/15                      12/29

1/1                          1/12                                        1/15                        1/29

2/1                          2/12                                        2/15                        2/27

3/1                          3/12                                        3/15                        3/29

4/1                          4/12                                        4/15                        4/29

5/1                          5/12                                        Closed  for remainder of the year.