Raven Fight Song, Alma Mater, Colors, Logos

Raven Fight Song


Come on let’s stand up with Raven Pride
Loyal and Mighty
For we will fight on to victory,
Banners are raised high.

So as we march proudly down the field,
With black and royal blue,
Here we come, O-N-DOU-BLE-U,
It’s Northwest High.


Alma Mater


Our alma mater, steadfast, true
To all who enter here;
Your colors, black and royal blue,
Forever hold us near.

We lift you up, our voices raise,
Your tribute is our cry.
We honor you and give you praise,
All hail to Northwest High.


School Mascot: Ravens

School Colors: Black, “Royal” Blue (Reflex Blue CVC – not C. Hex: #00539f) & White

Official Logos: (click to see and download at full size)

ONWRavenHead ONWTextMark ONWPrimaryMark ONWCompass


Unofficial Graphics: (click to see and download at full size)