Band Accounts

How can I see my Student Account Balance?

  • Follow the link to Charms:
  • Log in as Parents/Students/Members.
  • Use School Code: ONWHSBand
  • Enter the password for your account.
  • If you get the page telling you to change your password (this is optional) – if you wish to continue using your student ID – JUST IGNORE AND CLICK ON THE HOME button on the top left.
  • Click on the Finances icon and you will see your student Financial Statement.

*Charms Tip – If you are changing your password: The box that is titled “Current Password/Id” – Even though it looks like your password is already entered (******). Go ahead and Click here and re-enter your current password that you are wanting to change (student ID). Some browsers retain misc passwords here and it is not always correct, then when you try to enter a new password, it creates even more headaches.

**If you just cannot get your student ID or password to work, email the treasurer and she will reset your password to your student ID.

What can you do with the money in your Student Band Account?

  1. Use it to pay for the following expenses when they are due:
  • Pay for Band Trips
  • Pay for End of Year Banquet Tickets
  • Pay for Band Fees/Tux shirts/Marching Shoes (It is really nice to have this when you are writing all those back-to-school checks at enrollment in July)


How do I pay for an expense with my account?

When payment is requested, instructions will be given as to how to request these charges be paid from your account.


  1. Get reimbursed for the following:
  • Music lessons
  • Instrument purchase or repair
  • Purchase of reeds, mouthpieces, drum sticks, sheet music, etc
  • Get reimbursed for band fees already paid prior to earning money into student account
  • Get reimbursed for band trips already paid prior to earning money into student account


How do I request a reimbursement for something I have already paid for?

If you would like to request a reimbursement for a music related expense, email the ONW Band Booster Treasurer the following information:

Student name:
Parent name:
Amount requested:
Description of expense:  (example music lessons, reeds, band fees)
Please attach a copy of receipt:
For those items not paid to the ONW Band Boosters (example music lessons).
For those items already paid to the ONW Boosters that you are requesting a reimbursement, no receipts are required (example: band fees paid at the beginning of the year, tux shirt, spring trip)
Please include how you would like to get the check:
  • Mailed
  • Give to student at school
  • Pick up from Treasurer’s house
***All reimbursement checks are made to the parent’s name making the request unless otherwise noted.

Click here to email