Bob Davis


Bob Davis

In 1996 (wow, it doesn’t seem that long ago), I was a fifth grader at Prairie Center Elementary School right here in Olathe USD #233. There are few times in my life that I can remember being so excited as when I got my first trombone and joined the band at my school. The opportunity to study music was and remains the highlight of my day. All through my schooling, Oregon Trail JHS, Olathe North HS, and Baker University, band was the thing that got me excited about my education. Seeing the impact so many fantastic music educators had on the life of my friends and I left me with no doubt that being a band teacher was the only career I wanted to pursue. I am honored and humbled to have the job I do. Teaching students about music and all the life skills band class provides it’s members is my sincere passion. I know that I have THE BEST gig around, and I am so thankful for the opportunity to teach music at Olathe Northwest High School.

Where I really started to learn was right here at Olathe Northwest and it’s feeder schools where I student taught in 2008. Following that, I went to work for Jena McElwain and the band students of Prairie Trail Junior High. Wow! In those years it was truly a moment of learning all I didn’t know. I had the great fortune of learning from one of the best educators around in Mrs. McElwain. To this day, I have never forgot the lessons I learned working with her program. I have yet to meet anyone in the music teaching profession who knows and effectively practices the art of student centered education as successfully. I strive to live this practice in my teaching everyday thanks to the 5 years of experience I had as a PRT Husky.

Leaving PRT was difficult, but I knew I wanted to work at the high school level. When the opportunity presented itself, I was honored with the opportunity to teach band at Field Kindley Memorial HS and Roosevelt MS in Coffeyville, KS. Right on the Oklahoma border, I had never even heard of the town before I took the position. Again, I found out I had a lot to learn, and the learning curve for me was high! On day one, I met a group of students who proved to be the best teachers I have encountered. The Golden Tornado students taught me the value of hard work, that with great effort and strong student leadership, students can make great music happen in any situation. In just one year, the music students exceeded my high expectations and made huge progress. The kids took their program and made it something extraordinary! By the end of the year, they brought home first place awards, superior ratings, and more importantly, developed a family style atmosphere that gave each other a sense of belonging, a place to connect. I am so proud to have known and worked and learned from these fantastic students.

Now at Olathe Northwest, I simply can’t tell you how blessed I feel to be able to be a part of the Raven Band Family. My students are the absolute BEST, and I can’t begin to express how proud I am of all they do for our program and our Northwest community. Aside from the many awards and accolades they have earned, it is their dedication and commitment to learning and providing a place of belonging for all that gives me the most pride. The foundation provided by directors Ed and Judy Colson, Rosa Adams-Bussard, and all of the Raven alum has left my students and I with opportunities we are so very thankful for. Now one of the largest programs in the Midwest, the band at Olathe Northwest has potential that is truly limitless. I am so glad to welcome you and all our band students into the exciting experiences that are yet to come. My staff and I are committed to making sure that you and your peers get the most effective and exciting educational experience possible. Being a part of the Raven band will no doubt be the highlight of your high school career. Welcome to the family!

We are all the product of people who teach and inspire us to be our best. I am so thankful to the following people and so many others who have made my life better.

Mrs. Judy Colson and Mrs. Paula Dix: Prairie Center Elementary

Instilling the passion for music early and well in my life. Thank you!

Mr. Ed Colson: Oregon Trail JHS & Olathe Northwest HS

My second father! Always there to provide wisdom, guidance, and support.

Professors Ray James, JD Parr, Trilla Lyerla, Jack Brookshire, & Dee Hansen: Baker University

For believing in me, pushing me, and giving me the foundation for passion in teaching.

Mrs. Rosa Adams-Bussard: Olathe Northwest HS

My hero! It is an honor to work with your program. You are loved beyond measure.

Dr. Martin Dunlap: Retired Music Educator – Blue Valley HS

Advice, challenge, therapist / coach. Thanks for pushing me to be my best for my kids.

The Raven Band Family: Olathe Northwest High School

The hardest working students and parents around. I am so proud to know and work with each           and every one of you.

Josh Maddux, Chris Carter, & Shannon Summers: ONW Staff

Being on your team is amazing. Thanks for all you do for our kids.

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