Chris Carter

Percussion Instructor


Chris Carter was born and raised in Lawrence, Kansas and graduated from Lawrence Free State High School in 2009. While at Free State, he was a recipient of the National John Philip Sousa Award and was a National Merit Semi-Finalist. Mr. Carter continued his education at the University of Kansas where he graduated in 2014 from the university’s College of Liberal Arts and Sciences with his Bachelors in Mathematics, a minor in music, and certifications in Leadership Studies and Service Learning.

Mr. Carter received his teaching license through UKanTeach, a cutting-edge education program at the University of Kansas that has received national praise for producing innovative and inspiring teachers. Upon completion of the program, he received a number of awards from a variety of organizations. He was awarded with the ETS Recognition of Excellence Award due to his scores on the education examinations. Additionally, he was recognized as a Kansas Teacher of Promise by the Kansas Board of Education, an award given to a handful of future teachers across the state that have demonstrated amazing potential in the field of education.

While at the University of Kansas, Mr. Carter was involved in a wide variety of activities. He was a member of the Marching Jayhawks for 4 years, with two of those years as the Kansas Drumline section leader. He was a member of the KU pep bands for 4 years, including three years as the drummer in the Men’s Basketball Band. While drumming in the basketball band, he received national attention from a variety of sports celebrities including Brent Musburger and the College Gameday commentators. Digger Phelps went so far as to say that Mr. Carter was the “best pep band drummer in the country.”

While in college, Mr. Carter worked as a teaching assistant for the Kansas Algebra Program, where he taught an Introduction to College Algebra class at the University of Kansas and tutored students in College Algebra. He also spent his time with the Lawrence High School Marching Lions, where he was a drum tech for four years. He spent two summers performing at Worlds of Fun, where he was an original member and writer for the percussion show: The Grease Monkeys.

This is Mr. Carter’s first year at Olathe Northwest, and he is incredibly excited to get to know the students, staff, and community members that make this school so amazing. This year he is teaching College Algebra and Honors Algebra 2, and is the Percussion Instructor in the Raven Pride band program.

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